Info on Army Worms from Neil Sperry

Garden Tip: (A couple of lawn care things.) Armyworms are active in bermuda turf across Texas right now. If you have browning areas in bermuda, look closely for these pests (photo posted by FB friend Kumar Siva today). The good news is that they’re only eating the blades, almost akin to when we “scalp” our lawns in late winter, so no long-term damage. You can certainly apply almost any turf insecticide to eliminate them, either inorganic or organic. B.t. and spinosad products, for example, are both labeled for them.

Also, if you’re thinking about applying a “winterizer” fertilizer now, you can actually use the same all-nitrogen (or “high-nitrogen” for sandy soils) that you have used earlier this year on your St. Augustine or bermuda. The term “winterizer” is totally a marketing name. By the way, turf experts tell us that this fall feeding, which needs to be made as soon as possible and then watered into the soil, is the most important feeding of the entire year.

Some of you are bound still to be wondering about applying pre-emergent weedkillers. Actually, you are very late. You will still get some benefit from them, but some of the winter weeds may already have started to grow in spite of the heat. See my posts here two and three weeks ago, also the information I put in my electronic newsletter e-gardens at the end of August and first week of September. They’re available at my website, then by clicking on e-gardens. There are direct links on this Facebook page.

I’m sorry to have been so MIA this week, but I’ve been trying to rest my eyes from the computer. It seems to have helped the vertigo. Until today. We had some paperwork to attend to today (income taxes), and I’ve decided today that close-in eye work may be the culprit. At least, that’s moved to the top of my list. My ophthalmologist will be getting a call early Monday. (Last exam was five months ago and was normal.)

I won’t be able to reply to your questions here, but at least this will get you started. Thanks!!! Have a great weekend. Go Bucks!

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